15 thoughts on “Art – Quilts

  1. Wow Kathy-your quilts or “paintings” are wonderful. Very, very, different to most styles I’ve seen! Thank you for sharing.


  2. How can one possibly leave a comment? They are outrageously beautiful.

    These seem unique to me. Are they unusual in the quilting world?


    • Julie, there are techniques that are shared in the quilting world…and then there is the way in which they are used to express an individual voice. I’ve done my share of experimenting which I suppose makes many of these quilts fall into a category of ‘unusual’…or perhaps just art?


  3. Hi Kathy,
    These are STUNNING! I’m awed..and speechless!
    Having tried my hand with quilting a few years back, I can only appreciate them that much more.


  4. hi kathy
    i think about your quilts often. i searched and found your ‘spontaneousaccomplishment’ site today, and am so happy to see how they keep evolving. i ‘pinned’ two images of them on pinterest. hope all is well.


  5. I came her via Kathy’s post. OMG, what an explosion of design, your work is amazing. I quilt nothint like this and I bow to artists who make such amazing work. I absolutely love the red piece, so stricking. Well so many just make me shake my head in amazement. The design elements in the 1993 – 1994 pieces are stunning, I love how you used the sashing as an added design. Very cool work!


  6. Well Kathy, your quilts are simple beautiful whats nice is noting the evolution of your quilts from a traditional style to a more abstract and expressionist. Love the work.


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