walking through the snow in the woods

What a difference a day makes. One day, well paved paths, some sun, dry creek beds, and the tipping point of fall.


The next day, making fresh tracks, some clouds, flowing water, and a preview to winter.



I had a premonition that making an afternoon appointment yesterday a half hour away, with the forecast of snow looming, might not have been the best idea. By the time I left, and the closer to home I got, the more I should have seriously considered just pulling off the road. But I knew I could keep going, slowly with flashers, I didn’t care that I was only going about ten miles per hour. At one point about four miles from home, I was about to pass a car that had pulled over, it’s skid marks grooved clearly in the inches of accumulation. It was one of the many inclines that I would have to negotiate without the benefit of snow tires or a SUV. My car registered the distress of spinning wheels and decided to keep this other car company. I did my best to maneuver off the path of cars that would be coming behind me and to the side of the road as well. The realization set in that this snow was just getting going,there would be lots more, it was getting dark, and there was no cell service. Abandoning the car didn’t seem like an option. So I sat. I was curiously calm. Unafraid. I loved snow after all, it has always been my friend. Eventually, I simply put the car in reverse, backed up a bit, and successfully coaxed the car out into a slow upward climb. Luckily it was still light when I got home, and immediately let the dogs out.


It’s official. Yogi is a snow dog.


I literally had to put on my most serious snow boots and trek out the edge of the meadow in the almost dark, leash in hand, to get him back inside.

I couldn’t wait to get out for our walk in the woods this morning. And once again, I didn’t consider the full impact of the snow, how wet it would be, that walking up inclines without cramp-ons might be foolish. We made it to the pond and I loved every moment of it.


We simply turned around and walked back instead of negotiating the steep inclines of Eagle Nest as we have been doing for the past month. Heart singing, I felt every bit as in love as I ever have. Walking through the snow in the woods brings me to this every time. It is love I was able to share with the first man I fell in love with, and love re-awakened anew with the last man I fell in love with. There isn’t any explanation that I know of for love finding me here.

3 thoughts on “walking through the snow in the woods

    • I live in the hilltowns of western Massachusetts on my own 8 acres, in a neighborhood of generous neighbors and countless more acres to explore, and surrounded by wildlife management land. I hear we are in for a long winter this year after not much snow last year. So I guess the storm yesterday was a preview!


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