It began innocently enough in a conversation last week. The spark of inspiration that came from a friend who was sharing about the recent addition of a third dog into their family, setting into motion a dream that had been there for months, of bringing another presence into this house, a companion for Nora, and some balance for the exuberant female energy between the two of us.

Later that afternoon on our walk in the woods, Nora and I explored a path we haven’t been on for awhile. And yet, it still felt completely familiar. The big view through the trees,


this path circling back onto my property and onto the way to the brook that always includes the view of Stella holding court at head of the meadow.


And eventually, the path that includes my favorite view of the brook.


These are all known views, comforting always in the essence of beauty I feel when part of them. Yet this afternoon I was also feeling the edge of something unfamiliar creeping in. Change was coming.

I was at the computer very early the next morning. I had many places I could visit to look for dogs but for some reason typed in Craig’s list western MA. And there they were in a photo right at the top, two gorgeous white puppies, a brief description and a phone number. It had been posted just forty-five minutes earlier. Even at the unusually early hour, I sent a text to the number asking how early I could call. The rest is history. Puppies like this don’t stay out there for very long and I was simply in the right place at the right time to find this gorgeous English Creme Golden Retriever White German Shepherd mix. I was lucky to find a puppy who had been well cared for and at eight weeks, was ready to transition to a new home. Everything about this puppy felt right and I was able to prepare and bring him home the following day.

I like to say that animals find us when we are ready. In this case it had to be when both Nora and I were ready. I’m happy to report that after a half day of letting them get to know each other’s scent on me and around the house and yard, the first meeting (in my neighbor’s yard) was a charm. Whatever lingering doubt I had that Nora might feel territorial or jealous melted away. She has been occupying space with the puppy with just the slightest reserve.



It’s almost as if she is secretly thrilled, but can’t show it completely. But not me, I am openly over the moon. I’m quite convinced I’ve brought home the perfect puppy, peeing and pooping right on schedule, settling into his crate without too much fuss, fearless curiosity about his sister, the most beautiful pure white fur, knowing soulful eyes, and that characteristic meld they can do, little head nestled into my neck, a sublime feeling of trust.


Meet Yogi.


I expect it I am in for quite a journey, on this path that continues to feel so familiar and brings so much change at just the right time. It will be a bit of work to help this one grow big and strong enough to join us for the walks in the woods. The nights of interrupted sleep for potty runs and days of being fully attendant to this new energy might have me longing for that place on the path sooner than later. But maybe not. It’s just too easy to forget feeling anything but joy in the presence of a puppy.


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