morning glory

I planted two morning glory plants at the base of the trellis at my door. It was easily two months ago and each day since I notice how much further the vines climb and twist and claim their space here. I haven’t really dwelled on when the flowers would actually bloom, when that rich blue violet I so love would appear.

It’s kind of like relationships. Seeds get sowed. Some flourish into a young plant breaking the surface, some never make it and die. The young seedling is transplanted and expectations arise around where or how the plant will grow. It may have to struggle a bit before taking firm root. It can take a long time for the structure of the relationship to take true form. The vines grow and twist around a place that makes them feel safe, where they can breathe. Visible buds form. Sometimes patience is required. Sometimes you have to let go completely of the image of the expectation. And then one morning, you step out the door and are blinded by the blue light in front of you.  The first blossom dominates the entire field of vision, it is all you can see.


It takes just one spectacular blossom, just one moment, to fill your soul with the joy of this beautiful flower.  It’s possible it will be the only blossom.  There’s no point in expecting that there will be more, or where they might appear.  You just have to go to sleep each night and be open, even surprised and happy, by what is actually there in the morning…


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