Is there anything sweeter than walking in the woods after a brief rain, sun filtering through making diamonds on leaves, joyous birdsong, clear air, the feeling of bright and white? P1140306 I had been taking advantage of the dark rainy morning, staying in bed reading, and eventually found myself drifting into meditation. My back propped just so with firm pillows, knees up, I was in a loose form of a restorative yoga posture. From here, I could simply close my eyes and begin to notice the places in my body first that were still gripping, then moved to the mind, watching the progression of thoughts move through the way they do. It didn’t take long for me to find a still place. When I finally opened my eyes, the sun was streaming through the window. And the woods were calling. Nora has become so finely tuned to the ritual of preparing for these walks that she even recognizes when I am pulling on my ‘walk in the woods’ blue jeans. Today, I am as anxious as her to get out there and we are out the door in a matter of minutes. It’s the first time we’ve come down here so early in the day. Of course everything feels different based on where the sun is and what is illuminated. I stop in new places. Make a few little clearings here and there. P1140286 Slowly work my way down to my new favorite spot in the brook where I can rest on a broad flat stone surrounded by the infinite variety of sounds made from water meeting and moving over stone. Nora’s left me alone. Since our adventure the other day in the woods across the brook, she has given herself permission to bound across and explore on her own. And instead of lying down like I normally to, I accept an invitation from the large stone at the edge to sit and have a back rest. As I lean into this cool forgiving surface, I feel my spine re-align, straighten, and yield in a way I know will allow me to stay here for hours if I want. My head simply rests in its place at the top of the spine, perfectly balanced, without any physical prop to hold it in place. Knees again in constructed rest, eyes closed, I realize I am in exactly the same pose I was in just a half hour ago. Deep deep sigh. The beauty of a restorative pose in yoga is in the release of time. When support is so clearly felt and accepted, it is possible to really rest. Seems simple really. But so hard to let go to if there is an expectation of any kind in the way. Or resistance to the unexpected. I didn’t expect to find this kind of deep resonance in this moment and the awe of it was holding me in place. I was feeling the gentle hum of vibration from my supportive granite companion most significantly at the back of my heart. Actually having sensation here helps me realize how much I am typically closed in this particular part of my body. Eyes still closed, I begin to open to the full circle of everything surrounding me. When I finally do open them, everything my eye falls on shimmers with heartfelt meaning. Snap snap of the camera to capture images in front, at the edges and above me… P1140293 P1140294 P1140295 P1140296 But to take a photo of what was behind me I would actually have to move and leave this place of trust I was experiencing. Instead, I could choose to stay right where I was and open to the feeling of bright and light behind me with full awareness. Humbling to realize that the impulse to ‘see’ is still so strong. Holding camera as if to take the proverbial selfie, I aim it around the back of me to capture what is there. Smile. Somehow this gesture simply clarifies the color of who I am as part of this amazing place in time, and not just an observer of what is there. P1140299 I recline back into the arms of my new friend, this time with feet brought together in the traditional way of baddha konasana P1140303 and sink into pure pleasure. The walk back up is slow and meditative. My focus has shifted and I am taking in the smallest detail of things. I keep seeing the tiny white blossoms on the ground. They are so small. I have to get down on my hands and knees and up close and personal to really see them. Magnificent little white blossoms. P1140305 Now I am seeing white everywhere. White bleeding hearts! P1140275 A small clump of white narcissus calls from the edge of path further up. Up close they are exquisite with the barest hint color delicately marking the center. P1140308 I pick three. Anxious now to get back to the house to put them in water, I walk by a bank of white lilacs in my side yard and pick up a fallen branch full of blossoms to add to the bouquet. I simply had never noticed them before! P1140310 The presence of these white flowers is my affirmation for the day. White light contains the full spectrum of color and life, including me… P1140313

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  1. Thank you, Kathy, so much for posting pics of the spring woods…they are the closest I am getting to the woods this spring, for the first time in my adult life.  It gives me comfort in my healing.  🙂

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