cave jewels

It is shimmer of frost and the promise of a brilliant sunny day ringing in this new year!


Today will be a day of watching for the beauty of all things frozen in the brook below

12-22-14 (2)

of finding warmth in all things alive, and of savoring the rhythm of time spent together.


Soon it will be time with my stove to make a pot of soup from the remains of Christmas turkey. Later it will be more exploration of the gorgeous landscape that surrounds us outside, and through it all, feel the heartbeat of fire emanating from the wood stove, reminding me to really feel lifeblood and heat and light and love moving into this new year.

12-22-14 (4)

Right now is time spent contemplating a favorite quilt.


Naming it ‘Cave Jewels’ ten years ago upon completion was a way of honoring the preciousness of light that is always there, often hovering behind something both fiery and solid at the same time. It is this image, and the intention of honoring and letting wash away any obstacles still blocking the entrance to this cave of light that I will take into the new year…

Happy New Year and Heartfelt Blessings to All!

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