centerpiece – 3

My father walked into the house Thanksgiving Day, newspaper in hand, shaking his head with a look of amazement on his face. “Feel how heavy this is!” he exclaims. It was shocking to discover how much additional advertising was stuffed inside. When extracted, it was easily two inches thick. A brief conversation followed about the extreme nature of it all, the advertising, the shopping, the mania of getting a deal and something for nothing, stores even open on Thanksgiving Day to entice and stimulate commerce as the sacred activity it is in this country. When did this happen?

I cherish days when there is middle space to traverse before getting to this kind of extreme, the kind of space that allows enough time for integration of what I have before considering what more is needed. Awareness of being in middle space comes in many ways. With this holiday, it has always been the day after Thanksgiving, a whole extra day to just be. The gratitude of the day before and the enthusiasm to return to the rhythm of life after is always accentuated by the shape of what happens in this space.

Awareness of this space appears in the third of the centerpiece series.


The density of detail of the piece being celebrated becomes even more prominent simply by virtue of the green space it shares an edge with. With this composition formed on the wall, I begin to see the middle space in the details of things out in the woods as well, amazed at the variety of order and beauty that can be seen when traversing the middle space of a view to the detail it leads to…

P1130439  P1130444

I had a lovely outing with my mother the day after Thanksgiving. The land in and around the Bristol hills where my parents live in NY is glistening with just enough snow to create sculpture with every shadow and driving through the small towns and dormant fields feels good. We make a few stops to local artisan shops and a food market devoted to products locally grown and/or produced within sixty miles. This also feels good. The associations of the day and the holiday spent with family and friends has come to a close, and I will take the energy and inspiration created in this middle space home to continue with the work that calls…

6 thoughts on “centerpiece – 3

  1. I so agree with you. As I am British we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving – or at least I thought we didn’t – until I read an article in our local supermarket Waitrose’s free newspaper which said they are selling more and more food for Thanksgiving style meals! I can understand there may be many Americans living and working in this country but I can’t help but think this is yet another opportunity for a supermarket sales bonanza. Then of course our email inbox has been inundated with these silly Black Friday sales adverts. We are now well into the Christmas hype, then on Boxing Day it will be Sales frenzy. No doubt by 1st January we will see Easter eggs and hot cross buns on sale! I am turning into a Grumpy Old Woman I am sure, but I can’t help thinking that when I was a little girl just after WWII when rationing was in place it was all much simpler. A Christmas stocking with and apple, orange, a few nuts and a couple of small toys!


    • Thank you Lori! And I always do love my visits back to where I came from, smile….I refer to the feeling of landscape there as ‘quintessential upstate New York’!


  2. I, too, am in your “middle space,” for this entire weekend after Thanksgiving day. Enjoyed the day itself, with friends and family; I came downstairs somewhere in the night to find my girls had cleaned up everything! so I spent Friday putting dishes away and napping, smile. We ventured out for a few gifts on Saturday. Today I continue to take out cherished Christmas decorations.

    Your centerpiece seems to me to reflect how your new land has become a centerpiece in your life. The pieces of fabric flow together organically, like leaves on water, shards of bark and sky — earth tones shot through with light. What you’re sharing is the essence of creation — how something of beauty springs forth — from nothing into something — wrought by you in alignment with You.


    • Sounds like a perfect day Julie…so glad to be sharing the space with you, you’ve inspired me to go unpack the boxes of our own cherished Christmas things and begin to envision our first Christmas here. And thank you for the reflection back on the ‘centerpiece’ and how it sits in the flow of creation….smile…!


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