centerpiece – 2

I like to think of Thanksgiving as the centerpiece of all holidays.  It transcends religion, and politics and creates a context for gratitude that feels universal.  At the core, Thanksgiving is simply about being in the center of something, whether it be family, friends, a community of strangers, or amidst the wonder of the natural world in some way.  Given the time of year, and especially this year on the east coast, Thanksgiving also signals a time of gathering around fire for warmth as well as the cooking of the celebratory meal.



The transformative nature of fire stays close to my heart all year round, but is particularly strong right now.  This next quilt in the series honors the fiery potential of the power this element has to destroy and at the same time, when contained, to gather…


Happy Thanksgiving!  Grateful for All of your Presences and for being able to share mine with you!

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