It is thirty-six degrees stepping onto the trail this morning. Just the very center of grass already tread upon underfoot is glistening green from melted frost. The fields surrounding us are hush with powdery crystal stillness.


Entering the forest, the mood changes to one of swift movement and change. The heavy rains of the weekend have re-charged the brook and the sound of rushing water dominates. As I note the change in water level approaching the footbridge, I am dumbfounded at the sight of the biggest heart rock I have seen yet.


It has obviously been here all these months and I am just noticing it now!? Smile. Today I have my camera. My heart is singing as I take the photos…


Moving into the still dark recesses of the forest that were, for the past three months, typically filled with the filtered light of a rising sun, I feel the crispness of my gait matching the crispness in the air. Of course. I too am re-charged. I had just spent the weekend with dear friends in the catharsis of just being in each other’s presence for almost twenty-four hours. We simply settled into comfortable couches and chairs with a table full of nibbles between us and basically never left the soft continuous flow of sharing and camaraderie. There were a few time outs for dinner and sleep, but awake early the next day, we resumed our positions and just kept going, taking turns drawing oracle cards and drawing each other out until the flow ended naturally and healing was complete. I realize now how deeply re-charging this kind of time is. Returning home, I made a few stabs at continuing to pack but gave up and fell into a deep sleep before it was even fully dark outside, slept all night and now, can feel the buoyant effects of cells being fully oxygenated and re-charged.

All senses are heightened. I walk into the scent of something strongly organic and decomposing. It seems to be following us. Nora comes bounding toward me from the now harvested fields beyond and I realize it must be the smell of manure and fertilizer, added now for re-charging earth during the approaching winter.

We follow our usual path this morning along the brook where the ground is already several layers deep in fallen leaves and the view all around is of long gray trunks exposed and vulnerable anew to the elements above.   Walking up the side of the mountain, the path of leaves dissipate and by the time we reach the top of the ridge I realize we have entered into a totally different landscape. Here it is the world of pine and oak and again, I am dumbfounded at just noticing this for the first time. The ground underfoot is not much different from what it has typically been all summer, a continuous bed of pine needles splattered with new and spent leaves.


What comes to me is to consider how the Bach remedies of pine and oak figure into this flow and that I will read about each one when I get home. As soon as that thought processes I find I am thinking about the queen size mattress sitting in one of the rooms upstairs. Do I bring it or do I get rid of it? Precious minutes are spent obsessing about this decision and as soon as I realize I have completely shut down my connections to the energy of the space I am in, I look down and see this….



and feel the immediate and visceral charge as I realize anew that THIS, the recognition of something beautiful and meaningful, is how my heart consistently re-charges.

Now I see the path down that is usually dark from the shade of overhead growth is a shimmering blaze of reflected color on the ground.


And how the rising sun illuminates and re-charges the now vulnerable tree trunks with precious light of the day.


Back home I pull out my Bach Flower Essence reference.

Pine: They are the type of people who are never really satisfied with themselves, despite many positive experiences, and blame themselves for not having taken more trouble. Guilt reigns. A person in the negative Pine state asks more of herself than of others, and if the high standards applied to herself cannot be lived up to, she will desperately blame herself in her heart. People who have been able to transform a negative to a positive pine state receive a great deal of energy!

Oak relates to the soul potential of strength and endurance. People with oak characteristics do not take the easy way out. Oak essence is for busy people who don’t realize the benefits of resting and cannot find and allot proper time therefor, leaving one stressed, pressured and tense.

There are some clear and poignant messages here to consider in this exciting phase of my journey. I am strong, and I endure and in this, am able to recognize the value of rest and re-charge. And I still carry guilt, deep in a recess of a heart that yearns to be completely open to the magic of ‘what is there’ always.  To experience fully, I must rest.  There is no room for guilt here.

Finally, just as I am about to hit publish here, I take a moment to check e-mail and am again dumbfounded, this time to see ‘Re-charging Your Batteries’ as the title of this morning’s Daily Om column (a blog dedicated to offerings and musings for reflection each day, If I was still sitting in the circle with my dear friends we would undoubtedly all laugh and say of this coincidence that “you can’t make this shit up!” Surely Spirit is guiding the flow this morning in a way to suggest a much much wider circle of consideration for how important re-charging really is. On every level. I am paying attention.

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