Driving to the trail this morning I am blinded by the low rising sun. At 55 degrees, fall is in the air. It is a noticeable change. With the sun now coming up later, the chill in the air is accentuated as we head toward the opening to the trail.


Even the view we walk past each morning has now changed with the high growth of corn creating noticeable new form in the landscape.


As we cross the threshold into the forest I am immediately reminded of the morning just one month ago when I began this love affair with the trail. Being presented with a vision of a forest angel as light and as life lived through the expression of Nora’s ecstatic romping felt like needed relief from the stress and worry of a house sale that wasn’t happening. I had found my dream property and my offer was accepted contingent on the sale of my house. Now I’ve just learned that the object of my desire is going to be bought by someone else who is able to make a non-contingent offer. The possibility of this happening a few weeks ago is now official and it is time to let go. My forest angel is here again this morning to help me through this change.


Her light is more precise this morning, as if to reinforce the knowing that change in my life is on a focused path unfolding exactly the way it is supposed to.

Change. Another one of those great words that oozes ambiguity and nuanced meaning. Change is the result of something that has experienced time. Change is what is left when a piece of the whole is removed. Change is discovering that when the spire is ripped off, the castle still remains.


Change is getting to the end of a path to watch Nora go one way while saying, “No, we’re going the other way this morning”, and feel the ease that comes with gratitude as she looks at me with tilted head and cocked ear before turning 180 degrees and trotting in the direction of the other way.

Change is in accepting the truth of the illusion that even something that is still, is still always moving.


I am amazed at the feeling of grace that has come with this dreaded change. Nora and I are approaching the last stretch of the trail that runs along the brook again and we are met by Sam and his human Abby, Maggie and Ruby and their human Brett, and a little further down Miss Darcy (her name is Darcy but I can’t help it, Darcy and Nora together sound like something out of a Jane Austen novel…) and her human whose name I don’t know yet, smile. We stand around and chat as the dogs literally folick. In just one month I have become part of a whole new community in a place I love. It will be a new layer of community for me no matter where I land, whether back into the changed landscape of my current home, or into a new landscape of another place.

Emerging out into the open field we are met with sun bouncing off sunflowers. How I love sunflowers! Capturing this swaying beauty against the open sky is an affirmation of the change I feel already.


It’s as if the cork has been let out of the bottle and the good stuff can now be enjoyed after a month of maturing.


Almost to the car, I turn around and note the change a hour can make as the sun coaxes even the corn to grow just a little bit more today…


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