mixing metaphor

There is such a sweet light this morning. Clear and full and breezy all the same time. Is sweet the right word then? I wonder at the use of metaphor here. I have been known to mix my metaphors. A personal favorite is to be ‘calm as a cucumber’. Smile. Reaching for some measure of that calm right now, I anticipate the end of the week and maybe, just maybe, the offer to buy my house that I have heard might be coming in soon will happen.

Nora and I are rounding the first quarter of what I now refer to as the comfort loop that my body memory defaults to in lieu of a more focused plan. We’re about to dead-end at the edge of the brook before turning onto the section of steep ascent when I hear Meryl Streep’s throaty Danish voice saying “I have a dream…..”

But wait!  That’s not what the line is, it’s something else, right? Something like “I have a farm…” And even then, I know I still don’t have it right….

Of course I am mixing Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous speech of vision and hope with the dream of a different life as expressed through the adventures of Danish author Karen Blixen. It makes perfect sense to me. I have a dream of moving into a different way of living even if it is not meant to happen right now, and I need to believe that the vision of making and modeling a sustainable life is strong and true and will surely manifest in some way.

I’m walking fast through the loop this morning, opening up all my senses to the exquisite light, the still unused camera slung over my shoulder out of reach. But then I come to the next marker for changing direction. It is a well referenced place on the trail, this collection of abandoned cars that must be from the 50’s or 60’s. Judging from what is left of the still recognizable components of these junkers, they have been here a very long time, now completely intermingled with sticks and leaves and moss…


The shadow side of me wants to identify with these abandoned classics. Deep down I think maybe I am abandoning my antique house with all its unfinished potential and beauty. I let my mind get all wound up in thinking I could have done more, I should stick around longer, how irresponsible to want a new adventure when I seemingly could continue having one right here….

Framing the cars against the light filled forest beyond brings me back into my body with the relief of beauty felt in this mixing of old with new with right now.


The house just hasn’t attracted the person with that particular vision yet and as a wise friend has recently reminded me, “Patience Grasshopper!”

The light continues to guide this morning as we work our way into the last stretch of the loop.  Yet another morning adventure completed, vision intact, hope restored.


Back home, I look up that memorable first line spoken in the movie “Out of Africa” with Meryl Streep playing the role of Karen Blixen. What she actually says is, “I had a farm in Africa”. (Can’t you just hear the voice!?)  Past tense of a storyteller. Indeed. It really doesn’t matter.  Because having the story and having the dream are the same, they can both lead to the same place….

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