Nora is invited to play with Lulu the moment we hit the wood chip path this morning. Lulu is a tiny dog with a huge squeaky voice. Nora rises to the challenge of making as much noise as she can too and it’s any wonder Lulu’s human and I can hear each other over the riotous cacophony of their dance. We are all out early in this overcast gray morning to beat the impending rain, air heavy with the pregnant dampness already. Remarking about yesterdays gorgeous weather as a contrast is an invitation for me to share that instead of being out on the trail with Nora yesterday morning, I was being treated to my first ride on a motorcycle…

I was the passenger riding with someone I trust.  It didn’t take long for me to relax into the balance and rhythm required to maintain equilibrium with my dear friend steering the way. My sacrum was beautifully supported against a back compartment, hands comfortably holding the side grips, legs flanking the sturdy body of my companion on each side, knees pressed into his legs. Coming into a section of road with a series of tight curves leading uphill, I could anticipate the ever so subtle lean required to stay ‘as one’ with him. I could smell things in the air I’ve never quite smelled this way before, pine, grass, heat, even water. What a thrill to experience being on the road in such a different way. I now understand what all the fuss is about. I didn’t fully feel the sedative effect of that sixty miles until later when the accumulation of all the sensations of the experience kicked in. Who would have thought simply being along for the ride could be so engaging.

Now fully into the trail, Nora encounters a potential new playmate. She stops and waits to see if there will be another opportunity to engage, this time with the beautiful golden retriever named Tink who is leashed at the moment. His human assesses, leans over to gently unleash Tink, and Nora accepts this next invitation to play with enthusiasm.

I think I am not all that different from Nora. I realize it is not my way to seek out and initiate the kind of thrill seeking experience that riding a motorcycle can be. And yet when the invitation is there, I accept with curiosity and enthusiastic abandon. With this thought I look down and see the most amazing curved root rising out of the ground…


As if to encircle, protect, and nurture what is within its range, this root is seemingly returning back to itself, an eternal return, like the ouroboros of serpent circling back to swallow its own tail. I turn and regard the roots of this lady’s partner also prominently rising out of the ground…


It has to be a man. I wonder at the gender implication here, of the nature of masculine energy that needs to stretch and reach out and seek a form of experience that can rouse all the senses. In contrast and balance, it is then the nature of feminine energy to encircle, drawn in, and hold the space for sensation to just stay and be. So primal. So simple really. And complex too when considering all the different ways these two contrasting energies must learn to dance in order to be together in harmony, peace, and balance.

Nora’s play has already allowed her to release much of her exuberant morning energy and I’m inclined to do an abbreviated walk this morning.  But the trail has invited me to do my usual loop and I am climbing the side of the mountain before I can stop to make a different decision.  I’m smiling now at the memory of an exchange earlier yesterday with my friend.  Nora was being particularly frisky and playful and I said it would take another two or three years for calm, settling, and developing into a perfect companion to happen.  Without missing a beat, he replies, “Are you talking about her or me?”  We laugh together, but yes I think, indeed.  There is some truth here,  He is a perfect example of the frisky masculine essence that needs to be out and exploring and mastering the universe in some way and settling may never be a true option for him.  It is a joy to behold such a pure and self aware manifestation of this energy as I consider where I am in relation to a pure manifestation of my own feminine essence.

I climb up over the edge of the steep bank and the first thing my eyes settle on is this turquoise covered stone shimmering in the otherwise gray and brown environment it lives in.


I am drawn to the cleft joining the two halves into one and consider that the moss encircling one half of this heart is like the embrace of the root encountered earlier.  My essence is to grow around that which I love and provide a container for rest. It’s a risky realization.  Now it is impossible to deny that each moment will always be an invitation for someone to join me in this place or an invitation to move out of this place into unknown territory.  Either way, the success of relationship will always be in the balance…


1 thought on “invitation

  1. It’s uncanny how the images you come upon reflect your inner musings. When you see them, photograph them, and write about them, they — the inner and the outer — coalesce so nicely. Kind of like you and your new friend on that bike, smile.


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