simple pleasure

There are so many variations to consider from this network of trails. It would be easy to intentionally mix it up and do something different each day. But today I am feeling the need to indulge in the simple pleasure of following the same path I have followed for a week now.

The call from my broker yesterday promised good news and bad news. It’s never a good sign when you think the news being delivered first is actually the bad news. The really bad news was buried under layers of pseudo good news and when the impact of it all hit, I realized just how much my heart has been yearning to be with the piece of land and house I am poised to buy. The bad news was that I might lose the opportunity to actually make this heartfelt place my next home. Sharing this news with a friend after, I found myself expressing that I was feeling ‘heartbroken’, stopped for a moment, then changed the word to ‘heartache’. Heartbroken puts me in a place of inconsolability. Heartache gives me the option of finding medicine to help with the pain.

I realize walking this familiar path this morning that my medicine these days is simple pleasure. Experiencing the sight and sound of this flowing brook in the morning is simple pleasure.


Receiving sweet text messages from son Ben this past day (from his new phone that allows him to now text easily) is simple pleasure. My meal of gorgeous fresh lacinato kale leaves sautéed in some water and olive oil with fresh lemon juice squeezed on top at the end and sprinkled with tamari pan roasted sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds (seeds pan roasted over medium heat in a cast iron skillet, turn off fire, add a good splash of tamari, let sit until cool) is simple pleasure.


Finding yet another BBC production of the story of Elizabeth I (a story that never fails to inspire and intrigue me) is simple pleasure, as is completing another few rows of quilting in the hoop…



Getting out into the garden with my camera, something I typically do all summer long but have let go of all these months the house has been for sale, is simple pleasure…


The flow of blood through my heart pumping strongly now from keeping a steady pace up this steep portion of the trail is both simple pleasure and the medicine that reminds me of my strength and resilience. Usually this bit of steepness is enough and we circle back down the mountain from here. So it is another simple pleasure to let myself be led as I follow Nora back up the mountain for a bit, the flow in my heart still going strong, as if a reminder that I need a little bit extra today.

Finding out that someone else may be the owner of the particular place my heart is yearning for right now feels like the end of a love affair and that is never easy. But the good news is that it hasn’t actually happened yet. The good news is that space has now opened for considering the world of options still available along this path, all the while being ministered to by a flow of simple pleasures that help maintain the wonder of the day.

It is okay to follow a familiar path that feels good as long as one doesn’t become too attached to the object of desire at the end…

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