barking at the rose quartz

It’s 6:30 in the morning and Nora is barking at the rose quartz.  She’s barking and carrying on in the way she does when she is trying to engage a living being to play with her.  We’ve watched her do this with my parent’s dog Maizey, always resulting in a hilarious bark fest between the two of them with tails wagging the whole time.  She has begun to even do this with me and I can feel her need to be engaged when she begins her barking dance. There is a kind of frenzy underneath the outward playfulness.  But the rose quartz is not barking back at Nora and so she is confused.   I can understand why she might be confused.  It is a very large piece that had been sitting in plain view on the floor next to the couch and slightly hidden under a table.  It has been  gracing the room with its presence for years, seemingly without notice or obvious purpose.  Nora has never noticed it or barked at it before.  But I moved it this morning to rest its substantial weight against the vibrating baseboard cover in the next room that has been driving me crazy the past few weeks.  Either something has come loose or dislodged in the composition of this part of the metal heating element, or the pipes are vibrating at an unusually high rate.  The fellows at the heating company assure me it is the former, and though still a bit suspicious at the force that the furnace seems to be putting out its heat, I’ve relaxed into a knowing that a solution would present itself eventually.  Meanwhile, the racket of this vibrating baseboard has kept me acutely aware of every moment the new high-efficiency furnace is running and pumping precious oil through its body, no small thing during this long winter of very cold days.  I feel a little crazy. I’ve tried all kinds of things over the past few days, wedging everything from marbles to paper clips to candy containers into the space between the radiator louver and front panel. Nothing seems to work except pushing my foot into the front panel.  Of course, as soon as I let it off, the racket begins again.  I don’t know why I haven’t thought of the rose quartz before now.  It is very heavy.  As soon as I place it against the metal panel the noise stops.  A miracle!


I think about all the ways that rose quartz can be an agent for healing.  I have many pieces in my collection of crystal spheres in addition to this large piece.  I love to hold these spheres in my hands and let them send their sweet energy up into my heart….


Rose quartz is the quintessential stone of love.  It’s soothing vibrations are a balm to the emotions.  It aids in opening the heart chakra and cleansing the energetic field.  It’s no wonder it is working is this place of stress and emotional conflict!  I’m also wondering about Nora and her funny reaction to the re-location of this piece.  It’s almost as if the rose quartz has a life force she is relating to and/or trying to reconcile with.  It is alive here in a way it hasn’t been in its original location in the living room. Nora certainly has drawn my attention to it.   And though I suppose any heavy rock could have done the trick here, somehow I don’t think that is the message.  For me, it is not as simple as just finding a solution to stop the ringing of the vibrating metal with a heavy object.  I consider instead that the rose quartz may be the agent for transforming the irritation and angst I have been holding for weeks now in a clear and conscious way….

Nora is now up on the couch watching the rose quartz silently, but still with tension and curiosity, she’s still not ready to give up on the idea of this object of her fixation barking back at her….


She eventually retreats to the couch I am sitting on to watch it from there, still aware, but body finally relaxed and accepting…


The furnace kicks on again and all I hear is a gentle hum now.  Such sweet relief.  It seems Nora and I can relax together now….

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