morning table

A quiet cold Saturday morning  and I don’t wait too long to make a hot cup of coffee.  It’s always the same.  The fresh dark beans (organic fair trade, french roast, panjaro, or the five country expresso blend I can get at Trader Joe’s) are ground very fine in my countertop coffee grinder .  The expresso pot is loaded and set on the stove at the same time as a small pot of water to boil.  I stand to wait for it; that tell-tale sound of coffee being pressed up from the force of the boiling water through the small aperture in the filter that is filled with the coffee.  The trick is to turn off the fire underneath as soon as this process starts to insure the coffee doesn’t actually boil.  When done just so, the yield is a cup of coffee so smooth that cream is never necessary.  I pour the steaming liquid into a mug to about a third full, then add boiling water to the top.  Perfect.

My ritual at this point usually entails sitting on the couch and following whatever creative urge is ‘there’.  Some mornings it might be doing some stitching, working on my writing, or reading something inspirational.  Sometimes my computer calls to look something up and follow a specific train of thought with the help of Google.  Sometimes I just sit and quietly sip my coffee and let my mind still.

This morning I set down my cup of coffee in anticipation.  And look at the morning table that offers this morning’s possibilities to engage with.  A book on yoga mudras, the pages of the chapter I am currently editing,  my computer that is open to some design work…


Nothing is calling and I can’t decide.  So I take my coffee out to the kitchen table to sit and simply watch the falling rain through the large window.  What I see is a rabbit who has clearly found her morning table in the rich green grass that is full of edible opportunity.  She eats and rests.  Eats and rests.  Eats and rests.


I get the message.  I need to go back to my morning table and ‘eat’ a little.  Then take a break.  Maybe ‘eat’ a little something else.  Take another break.  This is what I usually do and for some reason this rhythm has eluded me this morning.  I remember that whatever I ‘do’ doesn’t have to be a big accomplishment really. It doesn’t have to be an accomplishment at all…

2 thoughts on “morning table

  1. I am very interested in learning hand mudras. There on your table is one more book to put on my wish list. Hmm. You are as always an inspiration.


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