creamsicle smoothie

Ben is home this week before returning to his school Monday for an intense summer session.  It seemed the best time for him to have his wisdom teeth removed, and so he has been dining on smoothies and his beloved white rice and yogurt for the days following.  It’s been creamsicle smoothies the past two mornings for breakfast.  A cup of frozen organic mango chunks, a banana, equal parts of orange juice, coconut milk, and plain yogurt, and a splash of maple syrup, all whipped in the blender to make a creamy orange delight that serves both of us.   Not sure why this tastes exactly like a creamsicle, but it does!  I’m remembering this particular confection of my youth.  The bright orange popsicle exterior which yields to a creamy white vanilla ice cream inside.  How the flavors mingle in the mouth to make creamsicle: two seemingly disparate tastes kept separate and yet the taste is always just ‘creamsicle’…

We’ve all been noticing how much Ben as matured in the past six months since beginning school at Berkshire Hills Music Academy.  It is particularly evident in the confident smiles he offers at every chance.  There is an even greater presence to him it seems, as if the natural intelligence that we’ve all known to be residing inside his exuberant personality, has come forth to claim the space around him too.  This week is offering me a true glimpse of the young adult he is becoming, and of the leader in the man that he is.  He just came down for his smoothie, freshly showered and shaved and dressed in clean clothes, sporting a bright orange t-shirt (honestly, I can’t make this stuff up)!  It is also only 8:00 in the morning and this is a revelation too, to see him up on his own, and taking charge of the day in such a proactive way.

I hand him his smoothie, and am rewarded with a winning smile that so clearly expresses the mingling of his bright orange exuberance with his inner smooth charm in this moment….


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