It came out the first time during one of my birthday calls the other day while catching up and sharing about where we are today.  I find myself expressing wonder all the new and exciting ‘starts’ that I am experiencing right now after years of cultivating spaces in my home and in myself for a variety of activities and energies, cultivating ground for the seeds of all the aspects of who I am, to grow…

Then I’m in one of my morning skype conversations with Kathy the next day, best friend of 45 years now, we talk at least once a week Amherst to Sydney and it is just amazing to me how fresh this keeps our friendship through thick and thin.  So now I find myself telling her about yesterday’s conversation and how it feels like I have all these sprouts coming up now, that I’m aware of the time it has taken for each of them to break ground, and in this, can find the patience to let them each continue to grow organically.  We laugh together at the reference to patience of course, as if it takes being in our 50’s now to really get what this word means.  She, who in the span of two weeks just a few months ago, is told she has breast cancer and undergoes a mastectomy.  Now it is the recovery and rest mode that challenges Kathy’s natural exuberance for forging ahead in creative spirit.  She’s had to slow down.  She’s had to be patient with her healing.  There is acknowledgement that it’s all good and we shake our heads at the wonder of what it takes to find patience in this life.  Smile.  We are about to hang up and I remember my quandary at what I will present today at Rotary lunch for my ‘acquaintance to friendship’, quickly explain to Kathy that this is a tradition of our club, a five minute segment each week where one of us stands up and shares things about our selves and lives in a more intimate way.  I’m fretting about it because this is my second time doing this, and I can’t for the life of me remember what I told everyone two and a half years ago.   More laughs.  And then without hesitation Kathy says, “Tell them you’re a package of seeds!”

So that’s exactly what I do.

I tell my colleagues that in the past six months I have sent my developmentally disabled son to college, taught my first yoga class, skied for six days in the western Rockies on new equipment for the first time in 25 years, began offering and teaching my first quilt-making class, began seeing clients privately in my home office for energy healing treatments,  began writing the novel I envisioned writing 20 years ago, started speaking up at my Planning Board meetings (smile), and finally, joined my first committee since becoming a member of this Rotary club eleven years ago.

I share that clearly, some of the seeds in this package have already sprouted and reached full bloom, as in an architecture career of over 25 years and the launching of children into their own independent lives.  But I am both humbled and thrilled at how many seeds in this pack are of the slow germinating kind.  It seems I am a variety pack after all, one that will offer some surprises, if only I can be patient?

Well, I’m really enjoying the feeling of all this.   And it occurs to me to also note that in this six month period I have also, literally, started growing sprouts to eat each day!  I purchased a four tiered sprouting tray way back in the summer and it sat in the package until the middle of this winter.  Now I experience the the fun of filling each tray with alfalfa seeds, adding water to the top tray, and watching how it trickles down slowly to a bottom collecting tray, and providing the much needed nourishment to each seed for germination.  It takes just about four days of watering for the trays to fill with gorgeous sprouts…


I love eating these sprouts.  It is the ultimate freshness at a time of year when fresh growth is just barely waking up after the long winter.  I put them in salads, in sandwiches and on top of stews and stir fries.  My favorite is as an accompaniment to two eggs over easy (with broken yolks) which I make in my little well seasoned cast iron skillet with a pat of organic butter (made from grass fed cows)….a perfect breakfast!


Yes, these are very fast germinating seeds, these little alfalfa sprouts, but what a great daily consistent reminder of the importance of watering and nurturing, and of enjoying life in this sprout stage of growth, amidst all the other sprouts…


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