It’s been a month of sneezing, coughing, and running noses all around me.  And I’ve successfully doused the few symptoms that I feel come on as I negotiate the proliferation of germs so common this time of year.  Elderberry elixir, vitamin C, and copious amounts of warm liquids have served me well so far.  And I’ve literally made three pots of chicken soup since the New Year.  Not just plain o’ll chicken soup, which in itself can be the balm, but the egg lemon chicken soup my grandmother used to make, known as ‘avgolemono’….

The broth for most recent pot is on the stove simmering, 4 cups of chicken broth with about 1/4 cup white jasmine rice (which has been rinsed first) added (or alternatively orzo pasta).  When the rice is done, I add some of the hot broth to the 3 eggs which have been whipped in the blender with the juice of two lemons (this is more lemon juice than normally called for in classic recipes which typically calls for 3-4 tablespoons), but I like my avgolemono really lemony), slowly mixing, to acclimate the eggs and prevent them from curdling in the boiling broth.  When the mixture in the blender is medium hot, I pour it all slowly into the soup pot, stirring the now thick creamy mixture, turn the fire off, cover, and let it sit.  I look around for the bowl I will use today and spot the gorgeous new piece in my collection, the one my mother gave me for Christmas this year….


It is one of her prize pieces and I’ve loved it since the moment I set eyes on it years ago.  I know it represents something significant for her, not only the achievement of throwing such a fine piece with the thin walls and pleasing shape, but also the unique quality of the glaze.  She knows it carries a kind of magic that can’t be duplicated.  And Mom is pretty organized about her glazes, testing and marking samples of favorite outcomes for future use.  No, there is something extraordinary about this piece and I try to put my finger on it now, what exactly this quality is, what it reminds me of.  And then the answer is there.  Labradorite.  I look into the bottom of his glorious bowl, flashing blue gold light and see labradorite….


The Book of Stones (by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian) offers that labradorite is the gemstone of magic, and that ‘magic’ refers to the mental and intuitive abilities which include….coincidence control!  ” ‘Coincidence control’  is the practice of increasing the observed degree of synchronicity and serendipity in one’s life.”  Big smile here.  I run upstairs to retrieve the piece I have on my altar.  It is smooth and polished and no matter which way I hold it, I am offered a glimpse of something hidden and revealing itself in a moment, flashes of the green/blue/gold, like the scales of a mermaid I think…


and then as this thought registers, I am led to the amazing shirt I found months ago, remembering the same thought I had then, that the unique texture and colors of this garment made me feel like I was wearing mermaid skin, or was being reflected in a piece of labradorite…



and I wear this shirt all the time.  There isn’t a single time I have put it on that I don’t feel wonderful, or that it goes un-noticed, holding me in its soft magic….

My reverie breaks as I realize the soup is ready to ladle up into the bowl.  Add a little pepper and watch it mingle with the froth…


Layers of magic.  Magic elixir in a magic bowl carrying the energy of awareness of the many layers of knowing and feeling something magical.  And now I can feel the soup working it’s magic too, the lemony creamy warmth going to exactly where it needs to go in my body to negotiate with whatever it is that is making me feel not quite right today.  This soup always makes me feel better.

Down to the last spoonful, coincidence control fully activated now as I gaze into the magic of the universe in the bottom the bowl…


1 thought on “magic

  1. I always order this soup at one of our favorite restaurants, and although the owner, a friend, has given me directions, it has never come out quite right. I’ll try your way — anticipating magic!


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