feast for the eyes

It is the morning of the autumn equinox and I am gazing through a beautiful piece of opal to the single flame of the candle beyond as I prepare for my morning meditation. And what I see is the sun! No matter which way I hold the opal, roughly cube shaped with sides equally unequal, the image is always the same, of a light filled circle edged in orange. So beautiful! It is early and a little cloudy and I’m not sure if the actual sun has risen yet and so this image in front of me becomes the beginning of this equinox for me, the day when the light of day equals the dark of night…

It is also farmer’s market day!! I haven’t been in weeks as I have been away visiting with my parents. As I sit gazing at this opal sun, I am reminded of the sunrise I see every day while there in the beautiful Bristol Hills on the west side of Canandaigua Lake in NY state. Their home faces exactly due east, and every morning is a feast for the eyes, first the horizon becoming lighter and lighter, then whatever clouds might be in the sky becoming pink underneath, then an electric line of what looks like lightning hovering at the crest between light and dark, and then in the blink of an eye it is there, the sun, rising slowly and steadily and in a moment the sky is filled with the bursting color of the new day….

And the day progresses and the sun is now ready to set. The show at sunset does not disappoint, and even though I can’t actually see the sun going down behind the horizon now behind me, the evidence of its presence is clear, another colorful feast for the eyes in progress…

and noting how clearly the contents of the sky at each end of the day become the ingredients of this feast that glows with the sun. So, I head off to the market feeling the imprint of the energy of this sun and fill my basket with the fresh things that also carry the imprint of this sun. And when I get home with my bounty decide I will make a big pot of homemade vegetable broth! In the pot goes the last of the carrots in the bin, an onion and a few yukon gold potatoes, the top of the gigantic bunch of fresh celery and leeks I just came home with, a fresh corn cob (after cutting off the fresh corn to use in the soup I will make later), all just covered with filtered water and set on the stove to boil…

After it comes to a boil, the brew simmers for about an hour and a half. I add many liberal squeezes of Braggs liquid aminos and some salt. Turn off the fire and let it cool for a bit. Then strain it all into another pot, reserve the potatoes (after removing the skin) and about half the carrots and run them through the food processor with some of the broth. This thickened mixture is added back into the clear broth and mixed in until dissolved. Add seasonings to taste. It is a light clear and subtle brew, just flavorful, but wanting something more. I put half of the broth in a container for the freezer and contemplate the soup I will make with what remains in the pot. When it is time, I decide to simply chop up what is ‘there’ and add it to the pot, resisting the urge to methodically saute one vegetable at a time as I typically do when I am making ‘the’ vegetable soup I typically make. No, tonight I quickly chop up an onion, some celery, some fresh multi-colored carrots from the market, more potatoes and toss them all into the pot at the same time with the reserved corn, about 3/4 can of garbanzo beans leftover in the fridge and about 3/4 cup of brown rice, set the fire to high to bring it all to a boil, and slice the head of fresh Russian kale from the morning market buy into ribbons. After the soup boils, it is set on the back burner to simmer on low. After about an hour I add some ground fennel and saffron and salt with the kale, stir, turn the fire off, and let it all sit quietly to integrate. The result is quite delicious, just subtle enough for the light of the fresh vegetables to shine through, just deep enough for the energy of the day, from sunrise to sunset, to find home…

It’s now the morning after the equinox. Bright blue sky and sunshine. I stop in my tracks as I walk past a window and see a streak of orange highlighted in the dark green, seeing the first kiss of the sun how imprinted in the leaves of the majestic trees in my front yard, the light and the dark clearly co-mingling to create the feast yet to come as we enter into this next season…

3 thoughts on “feast for the eyes

  1. Kathy… thank you so much for the beauty you witness and your offering that has brought welcome and reluctant tears to the surface. They are the tears of letting go and allowing to surface my own alignment with this beauty of this fragile and stormy planet. Have you seen “Samsara”? We humans are such a wild species- predictable and not at the same time. May this equinox awaken more and more of our species into this mind of beauty and celebration. And may our inter-connection follow….


    • Ezzell, I have not seen ‘Samsara’ and just looked at the trailer…appears to be an intriguing film, thanks for the reference! And thank you for sharing where you are in your own vulnerable dance of ‘alignment with the beauty of this fragile and stormy planet’…how beautiful!


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