deep rest

The images that come to mind as I say these words silently to myself …deep rest… are multi-faceted.  The animals that I share my home with model deep rest every day.  I think of Yankee outside lying in the sun for hours inviting touch and love in the relaxed and peaceful place of deep rest, as captured in this photo of Ben literally getting down on the driveway with him the other day as he arrived home from school…

And the cats, endless images of Kush & Desi curled up in all their favorite spots, often together, just touching in a way that literally communicates being in the ‘heart’ of deep rest….

And right now, the image is of Ben still sleeping soundly upstairs, well past the start of school, the need for a ‘day off’ established yesterday and so honored.  And as I look gently onto his deeply in slumber and slowly breathing form I know he is getting the deep rest he needs….

The intensity of this past ten days flashes by now.  Project deadlines balanced with commitments to daily practices, graduation and visiting family, days of yoga training, emotional rounds of e-mail correspondences with loved ones, a string of social engagements, and even time spent in sacred ceremony with a kindred spiritual community.  All wonderful and all positive and proactive energy to experience.  And in culmination, all which also brought me to a place this weekend where my body and soul finally began to demand ‘deep rest’..

The house is empty and I am on my beloved front porch.  I have brought one of the big green pillows from inside (the way Molly does when she decides to camp out on the porch, smile) and have propped and positioned myself on the small wicker couch.  Silence.  Except for the occasional bird call.  The ambient residue of traffic from the main street at the end of my road feels insignificant and fades into the background.  I am cocooned.  First within the cool air and shade of the porch….

then looking out within the wildness of overgrown green, overgrown lawn and bushes and garden and even weeds…

and then feeling my way into the space beyond the green, inside the green, the silence and the warmth and the vibration of rest that finally, truly comes.  I sleep for a short while and wake to the shape of my left foot propped in space.  I reflect on the unique shape and curve of this significant piece of my anatomy, humbled that it is also in a position of deep rest, above my head even, the flow of energy back to my heart and my head in repose is significant.  I marvel at how this particular digit, designed for supporting the body in movement on the earth looks so out of context in rest…like I too feel right now ‘out of context’, humbled by how strange it actually feels to surrender to this moment in a life seemingly designed for action and accomplishment….

And it’s not lost on me that I am finally writing again today after a really long and deep restorative sleep last night, after so much activity in such a short period of time during which I didn’t write, and then realizing that honoring the creative flow isn’t just about having or making the time, but about literally creating space in the body and soul for that flow to find its way, through deep rest….

4 thoughts on “deep rest

  1. Wow Kathy! I really enjoyed what you wrote. I feel so much of what you write about, what inspires you and what gives you renewed energy and happiness. I think I need to come visit you on your porch one of these days.

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