tree of life

Basket on arm, I head into one of my favorite places to be on a Saturday morning from May to November.  I am thrilled to be going to my first farmer’s market of the season!  With a newly purchased share at one of the local organic farms, I immediately go to see what they’ve brought today.  It is the time of year where the plants are more predominant that the actual food harvested, but oh, cucumbers and lettuces and kale are in abundance and the strawberries so beautiful that they almost don’t seem real…

As I am leaving the market I pass another favorite stand that always has fresh garlic and sure enough, there it is!  I select just one large bulb, complete with leaves and roots, and notice a certain symmetry and order to this single piece and when I get home, immediately prop it up in a way to take in the full effect…

What comes to me as I gaze at this beauty is “tree of life” .  I am thinking of the Sephiroth of the Judaic practice of the Kabbalah, where the tree of life is a symbolic sacred structure created to describe the path to God.  I look for an image to confirm my memory and find this…

and at the very bottom of the tree is Malkuth, where I imagine the actual bulb of the garlic plant might be.  Malkuth represents the physical world we live in and the power to express one’s thoughts and emotions to others.  As I read this I see another picture that perfectly captures what I am feeling.  It is an image that exaggerates the line of the ground plane and I think yes, this is where the ‘physical world’ is felt and experienced here on earth.  I see the garlic bulb sitting just under this ground plane. And in this what comes to me is that the heart of the garlic, the bulb, IS the symbolic ‘voice’ of Mother Earth….!

I imagine that this voice finds its support through the deep roots down into the earth. And that this voice then in turn supports the tree with its substantial beautiful show of green leaves that reach out to touch the order radiating from the sun for inspiration.  And the voice then lives and loves in a space between light and dark and expresses the full range of color and taste and form and pleasure.

What a fun way to consider the bounty of Mother Earth; and how what is grown and eaten in this space actually embodies the sacredness of being ‘a voice’ for HER….What a wonderful way to move into Mother’s Day!!!  Smile….

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