collaborative cooking

I have collaborative cooking on the brain.   In the process of packing up for a gathering and overnight with some dear friends and I have been filling my basket with all kinds of goodies, a jar of fennel seed, pears and figs, the last of my ‘mother’s milk”, the bunch of gorgeous dark green lacinato kale, some quinoa, and so on.  I have no idea what others are showing up with and though I have offered to facilitate the making of a ‘spontaneously’ inspired meal, I have no idea how it will really go.  That is part of the fun…not knowing!  There will be many of us, and the dynamics will be different than just two sharing a process together.  I am feeling anticipation, and realize that the making of something uniquely of the moment that serves us ALL will be the ‘dessert’ that follows a nourishing ‘meal’ of time spent together….

Isn’t that what collaboration is all about?

So, it is a short post today, and I don’t want to sign off without sharing the photo my daughter Molly sent last night with the message, “My dinner!  Pesto pasta with kale, sweet potatoes, broccoli!

She also tells me that this is a meal that she made with two others in her house and it is a happy thought, imagining how the collaborative cooking scene flowed in the preparation of this meal… gotta love that this was a Friday night dinner prepared by college students for themselves!  There is hope in the world after all and I am inspired… smile….thanks Molly for sharing!!

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