beauty in proximity

I am in the process of documenting a series of existing buildings designated for renovation. Originally single family homes, they are now all apartment buildings managed by a local community development corporation.  I love doing this work.  I love getting to know the feel and flow of every place by spending the time measuring and taking photos.  I love the diversity that I encounter, each individual or family completely different and living in such close proximity in community.   I love the intention to upgrade and improve these units in a way to make them sustainable and affordable for a good long time. I love feeling all the forces at play that shape a community residential environment and love being able to facilitate a process for making this happen in a harmonious way.

Several of these buildings literally sit at the edge of a river.  The sound of rushing water over large stones is always present and the juxtaposition of the wildness of something so untamable and enduring with what can only be temporary in comparison is fascinating to me.  Equally fascinating is the fact that these properties are also right in the heart of town and sharing the characteristic density of city living, houses and buildings sited close to each other and housing mixed uses, businesses, library and churches.  I see beauty in all these proximities.


And in this, I feel the unbroken flow of natural to manmade in a history of choices made to co-exist together…

2 thoughts on “beauty in proximity

  1. Yours is a unique perspective. The “forces at play that shape a community” are not all that different from your scraps, juxtaposed in such a way that beauty is created.

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