the unbearable lightness of being

A dear friend and spiritual sister is inspired to be lighter.  I love that she uses the expression, ‘I am six pounds lighter’ rather than saying she has lost six pounds.  What is evoked is the image of light as the weighty substance; of airy spaces and open channels for growth as the form.  It feels counterintuitive to consider ‘light’ as something that might actually ground us to this earth.  Light is fleeting and transitory and carries with it that sometimes unbearable desire to hold in place something that cannot be contained or held onto.  It can only be experienced….

I think the raw foodists come closest to actually honoring this flow of living energy in what they eat. When most food is cooked, it changes composition and becomes denser, not lighter.  But then there is popcorn!!  I eat popcorn almost every day and never tire of this light, chewy, soft and satisfying food.  There is something elemental about it, the puffy forms that emerge from the hard kernel are full of life.  Using an air popper and organic kernels, I prepare a bowlful.  Air popping the corn keeps it light.  For years I would melt a little butter and add it to some safflower oil for that truly buttery taste.  Now I just use straight olive oil and sea salt and love it.  Sometimes I use flax seed oil for a wonderful nutty flavor.  For a real treat I’ll add a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar after the oil and salt, truly divine!!  There are endless combinations of course.  Often I will put it in my salads or sprinkle some in my soup.  A bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine,  yummm.  And so on….

I make popcorn to take with me everywhere, on road trips, to the movies (yes, I always make my own…), to parties, to sporting events, and have discovered that popcorn is a happy food that most are happy to find.  Interesting that the bowl I use to hold the popped corn is the heavy ceramic bowl I also make bread in.  I’ve had this bowl for over twenty years and wonder at the alchemical magic of dense grain transformed into light filled food that lives inside it’s well worn walls.  When it is all gone and the bowl is empty I feel that momentary tug for wanting more of this light and open my awareness then to where it will next appear….

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