raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

I’ve been humming the song ‘My Favorite Things’  from ‘The Sound of Music’.   This, just after finishing a skype conversation with my best friend of 43 years Kathy living in Sydney Australia, and then a phone conversation with my father who I haven’t talked to in weeks.  Feeling the connection of those so dear to me and yet so far away is bittersweet, so grateful for the connection, and missing them at the same time.  Additionally, I am feeling the stretch of a long weekend ahead of me with no plans, no responsibilities, and no agenda.  I was supposed to go away but that changed and so there is this big space in front of me.  What to fill it with?  What NOT to fill it with?  Like a hunger for actual food, I want something that will satisfy me, take the edge of discomfort off, yet at the same time I don’t want to deny or push aside the feelings I am having.  I am not in pain after all, it is just another uncomfortable moment to sit with and move through.  I am simultaneously feeling actual hunger and a need for some breakfast.  It comes to me to focus on my favorite things.  I love fires in the fireplace.  I love winter and the purity of silent white.  I love rich saturated color.  I love making Christmas.  I love red poppies.  I love to laugh with abandon.  I love to sink into a hot soaking bath or to dive into a salty ocean.  But my favorite food? There is never a quick answer and stumbling, I search through the vault of food memories to see where the treasures are… chocolate… pata…my mother’s macaroni & cheese…dried apricots….popcorn…baked potatoes…vegetable soup and warm crusty bread…fresh cod…apples….and bingo, that’s it.  Apples.  When haven’t I loved having an apple.  A crisp fresh crunchy sweet & sour apple.  Or the cooked apple chunks (from Sept. 15 post) I have been making every day for breakfast for the past three weeks,  never tiring of the smell, the texture, the taste and the warmth of these apples!  I finally picked all the rest from the tree out front this week.  A big basketful, and now that the temperatures are cooler, I keep the basket out on top of the woodpile in the garage, and in this have a perfect pairing of two of my favorite things!

It is a brilliantly sunny fall day, the fire in the fireplace is almost gone, and the warm apples are now calling me to breakfast….

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