cleansing the heart

I went to a kirtan last night and belted out beautiful chants while swaying to the musical and tonal rhythms offered by leaders JoJo and Carrie.  Two hours were gone in an instant, testimony to the ease and flow of the event, including a beautiful chanted transmission offered by JoJo at the end.  I was left with not only a sense of profound peace, but the knowing that indeed a cleansing had occurred, and as Carrie shared with us, that toxic strings around the heart can be loosened by the music and finally given away.

“Cleansing” seemed to be the topic of the weekend…lots of fun conversation with friends about our journeys with food and energy, nurturing soul and self care, electrical storms and clearing the channels!  My own experiences during the weekend put me face to face in a dramatic way with a need and desire to cleanse old emotions that no longer serve me.  In sharing my experience with a friend, I was reminded that perhaps opportunity for transcending shadow emotion and a lifetime of the effects of hiding and stuffing it away, can happen in an instant. It wasn’t until after the kirtan that I could fully reconcile what it might feel like, in my heart, when the intention to cleanse negative emotion actually manifests in a true feeling of acceptance. So grateful for this experience, I am now reflecting on how music, like food, like art, and like so many forms of energy healing, communicate and heal without words.  And after years of training and having wonderfully cathartic experiences under the hands of gifted healers, I continue to be humbled by what is completely beyond my control.

So the choice to engage in cleansing practices will continue.  I think the message is that we can find the cleansing experience in anything we do simply by staying open and aware.  I am sitting in front of a beautiful fire this morning and feeling the beauty of flames burning and then letting them go, not feeding them any more than what is necessary to take the morning chill off.  It is cleansing to accept the warmth of the moment and be able to let it go.  My son is off to school with the last of the pata made this weekend.  Yes, I did make it (re: Oct. 1 post), a fun experiment of changing out whole wheat flour for white, using chick peas instead of meat & cheese, and trying to cut down on the amount of butter but still using an ample amount. The picture below is of the container of leftover pieces before we gobbled it up as fast as one of Gramma’s and even so,  I know I am still in flow with this and continuing to experiment…smile smile…  It is cleansing to accept that what I made was not ‘perfect’ but still wonderful.

I head into my day knowing that it is necessary and important to spend time in the energy of events I would like to forget.  It is cleansing to accept that there may even be something wonderful in this too, and that I will be watching for it…..

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